Fitting rubber

This section shows how new cushion rubbers are fitted to existing cushion rails. Northern Match quality rubber normally has a life expectancy of between 10 to 12 years. Very often the cushion blocks to which the rubbers are attached also require replacing, due to the original timber having been eroded by the continual tacking of new cushion cloths. If the blocks have become loose and cannot be resecured they should also be replaced to ensure that the best response is obtained from the new rubbers.

Stripping old rubber from cushionStripping out old rubber Gluing rubberGluing new rubber section Fitting rubber1Fitting new bubber to block
Fitting rubber 2Checking rubber at pocket Fitting rubber3Pushing rubber down into block Fitting rubber at pocketSecuring rubber at pocket
Chalking rubberChalking rubber prior to marking Scribbing rubberScribbing rubber prior to cutting Cutting rubberCutting rubber
Rasping rubberShaping rubber by rasping Sanding rubberShaping rubber by sanding Fitting tape at pocketFitting tape at pocket
Fitting tapeFitting tape to rubber & block Trimming tapeTrimming tape Checking blockChecking angle of block
Trimming blockTrimming block Rerubbered cushionCushion fitted with new rubber Complete cushionFully refurbished cushion