Recovering bed

Here we show how a bedcloth is fitted to a full size snooker table, from the repairing of the slate joints through the stretching and tacking process, to the finished job prior to the marking of the cloth and refitting of the cushions.

Slate jointChips in slate joint Mixing fillerSlate joint filler Filling slate jointFilling slate joint
Sanding jointSanding slate joint checking clothChecking cloth laying out clothPreparing cloth for fitting
stretching cloth middle 3Stretching cloth at middle pocket stretching cloth middleFitting cloth at middle pocket cutting cloth middleCutting cloth before tacking
pulling cloth corner 1Stretching cloth a corner pocket pulling cloth cornerPulling down cloth at corner fitting cornerTacking and folding cloth
finished cornerFinished corner tacking clothTacking cloth to slate lining bedcloth fittedBedcloth fully fitted