In House Maintenance

Good Practice

Whether your table is at home or in a club/commercial situation "in house" daily maintenance is essential to achieve the best playing conditions and to ensure you obtain the maximum service from the cloth.

 Thermostatically Controlled Billiard Iron

Throughout the snooker playing season we strongly recommend that the table is brushed and ironed a minimum of 3 times per week and in a commercial situation on a daily basis. A good quality heavy duty billiard iron is required along with a pure bristle brush. The table should be brushed and ironed from the baulk end to the black spot end. Brush first, iron second. It is important that when the iron is fully heated that it is kept moving in order not to burn or mark the cloth.
Brushing on a regular basis helps remove residual chalk dust which if not removed from the playing surface will eventually find its way through to the slate bed, congeal and cause the balls to "run off" giving the appearance that the table is "out of level".
The chalk particles get into the fibres of cloth and cause the cloth to wear. As the fibres break down, the colour of the cloth fades returning back to its original base colour which is white. This is particularly noticeable at the pocket openings and underneath the cushion nose.             Selection of Snooker Table Brushs & Napping Block                                                                         





It is essential that when not in use the playing area should be covered with a good quality protective dustcover. This stops dust settling on the cloth, which if allowed to build up has the same effect as the chalk dust and causes unnecessary wear to the cloth.
When a new bedcloth is fitted the baulk line and half circle are initially lightly marked out, this means that when the cloth is due for stretching after 6 months, they will have faded sufficiently to ensure a "double baulk" line does not occur. 

Baulk Marking Set                                         

The fitting of table spots also helps protect the cloth as unfortunately many players forcefully place the colours back onto their positions, rather than gently rolling them back into place. We regularly receive comments from customers that there appears to be hollows in the slate at the spot positions when in fact it is the cloth that has become indented causing the balls to deviate.
All of this maintenance equipment is available direct from ourselves, please see our home page or simply click on any of the above pictures to take you direct to the item on our online shop.