Two Year Maintenance Contract

The following  contract shedule represents our most popular arrangement.  We find that in most commercial/club situations the average life expectancy of the cloth is around 2 years.

Servicing schedule

Visit no.1   The bed and cushions would be recovered using pure wool West of England cloth,
                 grade to be decided after discussion with the customer.

Visit no.2   As with all newly fitted bedcloths this would be removed for stretching, slate       
                 cleaning and generally servicing.

Visit no.3   The table would receive a Thurston 10 point service.

Visit no.4   On the final visit we would once again carry out a 10 point service.

Dependant on the grade of cloth selected the monthly repayments could equate to as little as £1.10 inc. vat per day, a small price to pay for a perfectly maintained table.  Other major repair/renovation work such those listed in our services section, together with the supplying of new accessories can be incorporated within your contract. The frequency of the visits can also be increased and decreased  as required.