Three Year Maintenance Contract

Most of our existing contract customers have selected the 2 year option with visits every 6 months (a total of 4 visits) however we can adapt the contract in both length and number of visits required.

 A standard 3 year contract would run as follows.

Servicing schedule

Visit no.1 Recover bed and cushions using Match quality 34oz West of England cloth.

Visit no.2  As with all newly fitted bedcloths 6 months from the date of fitting this
               would be removed for stretching and slate cleaning.

Visit no.3  The table would receive a 10 point service.

Visit no.4  This visit would timed to take place 18 months from the commencement of the
               contract and would once again include the recovering of the cushion with new
               cloth and the removal of the bedcloth for stretching.

Visit no.5  The table would recive a 10 point service.

Visit no.6  On this the final visit the table would recive a 10 point service.