Full refurbishment

Many of our customers take advantage of our full refurbishment service which includes stripping down the table woodwork , restoring the colour of the timber and repolishing. This gives the table a completely new appearance.

Also during the reconditioning process the cushion rubbers are renewed with Northern Match quality cushion rubber, the slate bed sections are checked for level and any adjustments carried out, new sets of pocket leathers, snooker rails and snooker rail nets are fitted. Finally both the bed and cushions are covered using pure wool West of England cloth. 

If you don't believe us check out the pictures below. The picture on the left shows the Match table at Thurstons Leicester Square Matchroom after Hitlers Luftwaffe had a go at a maximum break. The picture on the right shows the same table after Thurstons finest completed a full restoration.

In fact we did such a good job the table in still in use at the Lensbury Club in Teddington.


Thurston Matchroom Bombed by Hitler Thurston Matchroom Renovated by Thurston